Hey guys, so I’m gonna be talking about small business ideas in townships in South Africa and guys what it doesn’t matter. What idea you have it’s better to try and execute on that idea than just leaving the idea.

If you & # 39, ve got an idea, go for it, but I suggest come up with an idea that is digital. Everybody’s, got ta fun. These days forget about Forex and Bitcoin, and all of that training please that is it’s not going to be.

We’re talking about business ideas. We’re, not talking about scams and and quick reach schemes. We’re talking about a solid business and if you & # 39, ve got that idea. Don’t always think about an app and the app that’s, going to do this in the amount of money that you need to put in, sometimes by just having a basic communication on communicating and say, hey man give me your Number I’ll hook.

You up on whatsapp and communicating your business through. Whatsapp can work a basic website with a link that people can get you information but use your phone. A phone doesn’t always just have to be an app as long as you.

The person has got dates and they & # 39. Ve got access to the Internet. You can sell your product or sell your service, so it doesn’t matter. What idea you have pursue it go for it give it a go. Doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter where you are based in any Township anywhere in South Africa. Take that small business and give it a go. I highly motivate and recommend that you that you do that don’t, be scared, scared is you you’re, not going to know if it’s going to work or not until you try it so give it a Go I I can guarantee you, it might just work.

Source : Youtube