About Us

Who are we?

 I am Rob Anderson and am part of a team of people who – via this blog – have the ability to show you how to start, set up, run, and then make an online business profitable.

There is no need to brag or show off here, but to put it in a short paragraph, it goes like this.

Most of us got started back in 2008. Those days seemed simpler, and admittedly there was a LOT less competition then, but today you actually have more opportunity to make money online than we did back then.

Why – because so many million more are SPENDING online these days.

I learned about business opportunities online, then learned web design, then learned SEO, and finally started to put it all together for myself and for clients.

I have gone from loving this industry to hating it to loving it again.

None of that matters.

What matters is how we can help YOU!

We can help you choose the perfect online business model for your passion and skills.

We can help you set up that idea with hosting, with a website, and a ton of kickass training.

 Most of it for free.

I am not here to BS you at all.

I don’t need to do that.

I simply show you the path to success.

YOU choose to follow along or not.

 No pressure from us. We care about those who want to do this. We totally don’t care about those who do not want to do this.

 Simple isn’t it?

This is a list of what we can do to help you. MOST of it is FREE help.

1. Choose a perfect business idea for your skills and passions.

2. Help you get a domain and the best hosting. This is huge because you need it to work properly in the background. See the training for more about this.

3. Help you set up the core of your website so that the search engines love it so that visitors find what you offer and buy. Piece of cake!

4. Teach you how to target BUYERS. Keyword research and more. Teach you social media marketing – if your business model even needs it.

5. Teach you how to market online.

6. If you get this far, we then show you how to scale it up and up until you get everything you dreamed of.


Nothing more.

Here is a truth that you will not see on other websites…

We know what we teach and show it true, it the best and more. But that is all we worry about, YOU need to do the work, you need to stay on our email lists, you need to read our latest blog posts.

You need to walk the walk. We will just show you what to do next.

Now, go and get started.





Our Company Mission

Give you the best training, the best hosting options, get you the best tools to make your website a success.

Start with good research with good hosting and you will never need to look back.

Our Vision

If we can get just ONE out of 100 visitors who come to this site to make a massive success online we will be so happy.

Our vision is to see you succeed.

May the odds forever be in your favour