Premium WordPress Website Setup – FREE


Ok, so we will build your entire new WordPress website for you for FREE IF you use my affiliate link to get your hosting.

See what is included and what is not below.

My Offer

See what details are included and excluded.


I will configure and install WordPress on your new hosting package. – Onto your new domain.

I will set up and add the most important and necessary plugins to your site. 

(I cannot list them as they do change all the time, but they will be for security, for SEO purposes, for updating your site, and more. Normally this is more than 5 plugins and less than 20. If your site is going to be e-commerce, I will decide, and add those plugins if necessary)

I will install the Divi Theme. This is a premium theme and I will install it for free.

I will install 3 legal pages and up to 5 other pages for you. These will either be blank pages, or I can install a pre-done layout from a collection of options you can choose from.

I will give you access to all the training videos that you will need to start adding content to your site yourself.

This will leave you with a website correctly set up for “best practices” and put you at the point where all you need to do is add or edit the images and text on the site yourself.

What you will NOT get from me.

I will not set up your text and images. I can arrange for a trusted person to do this for you, at a rate that we can discuss. This is normally around R5000. Therefore, you will see the sense in doing it yourself.

I promise you it is easy, I also promise you that most of the time it is a terribly boring task.

But, when you get over the idea of adding content to your site and do it on a regular basis, you will become a success.

I will do a video for you and post it here if you need more clarification.

Let me know.