Hi everybody I’m, Rob Anderson and this making money online video is probably the introduction to an entirely new series of ways to make money online. Okay. Now I’m t12 years in the business and I’ve done it full time.

I’ve been training people for most of those years. Ten years I’ve built a lot of websites.

Some people think that network marketing pyramid schemes are the way that online people make money.

Others think that you’re supposed to fill in forms or do surveys.

Others think that you have to do blogging or create websites or apps or create software or start another Facebook.

So they have these limited views of what can and can’t be done and when you start to tell them brilliant ideas and fantastic opportunities that do actually work. They kind of shake their head and think and that’s impossible.

You know when you show somebody how a new website a membership website, a blog doesn’t matter. What I’m gonna show you all of them, but you show them that they can be at five and ten thousand dollars within six months.

If they do things in a certain way, they absolutely think they’ve never seen such a liar in their life and off they go.

12 years of doing this, for so long has got to work. I’ve realized that I cannot convince you personally to be all excited about starting an online business. All I can do is show you the truth. Show you the options, tell you what’s, going to be good and what’s? Bad?

Otherwise, I could talk for a week. In fact, whenever I do this, I do talk for hours and hours. So now you’re gonna get all this talking and all my advice spread out over eventually hundreds of videos on this website that will show you and help you, hopefully, pare down your ideas until you’re doing the right thing for your personality in your skills, and if you did that in a niche that you love, a topic, a subject, a style of things, a method of doing the marketing that works for you, you will be just fine.

For example, if you love writing, there are a lot of ways of making money online and most of them involve some writing skills. Not fancy writing enough, though, to have passed schooling.

So if, for example, you think well I hate writing, there are other ways you can make money online and it’s very important that you know that, because if I tell you that you never have to only do It this way, and then you find out that you’ve, got to write two or three or four pages of content a day and you hate writing.

It won’t, be long before you tell me, you are rather gonna get a job at the local takeout food place or whatever so know that there are lots of opportunities there.

If you want to know step by step how to make money online the right way, so it doesn’t help that you get a link from a friend that says: yeah do social media marketing, so many people are making money or social media marketing.

The honest truth: is it’s, a crappy way to make money to get people to pay you 100 dollars a month or whatever to do all of their social media marketing? Really you trapped in a prison of them, making you do stuff every single day and day in and day out.

Yes, yes, yes, I’m, not gonna be too negative about it, because it is one of the options I’m gonna show you that you can do to make money but letting yourself in before you decide.

This is the coolest way well for me.

You do keyword, research. You will set up your website. You would create content core content for your website and thereafter there’s, a ton of stuff that you would do in a specific manner. Oh, this is how easy your blog can be to set up and make money.

Let me give an example: if you had to go and get a job it takes weeks to learn that job every single day some superior or colleague, is gonna. Tell you no! No! No! Do it like that now pick it up like that, now put it over there fill in the form like this. I’ve got to use that color pin huh it’s exactly the same as learning to do online marketing. The difference of the job when you own the website is that you control it..

If its your business, you can take the morning off don’t because you should be working, but you get to.


I’m done. Thank you. Get outta here, go start reading this stuff find the link below thanks, take care – cheers

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