Sixteen business ideas: you can start in Africa with 500 US dollars or less.

lately, I see a lot of people asking me on WhatsApp about business ideas they can get into with little startup costs.

The truth of the matter is that ideas are everywhere and you just need to open your mind to grasp what is being given to you.

So here I’m going to show you 16 creative business ideas.

You can start right now in Africa.

Write the number one – blogging.

blogging has come a long way in making money online in this generation every day.

People search for information on search engines like Google and all need facts about a particular thing, and it’s your duty as a blogger, to provide them with that information. This is where your passion can make you money.

If you love fashion, you can have a fashion news blog. have how to do a fashion blog, and so on, and having a well-designed blog and managing it is easy.

You don’t need to know how to code before you can make one.

number two event planning.

This is one of the coolest jobs, especially among women in Africa.

It’s about bringing the beauty of an event out.

Although events planning might be stressful, but if you’re comfortable with running up and down before during, and after an event, this line of business might just be what you need to start right away.

number 3 catering services.

I love this business, especially when you have an event planner as a friend where you can both work with each other. Catering services can be rendered in different formats like open in local restaurants, with that tiny capital, or your skill for baking and distributing roadside snacks.

Many female Africans have ventured into this lately in the production of snacks, ranging from peanuts, plantain chips puff puff egg roll, etc. This business might look somehow all weird to some people, but trust me It’s a good way to bet your money. Instead of a sports betting site, people traveling from one part of the country to another will be in need of your snacks.

number 4 graphic design

in the creation of images that are engaging has come a long way in businesses of this century.

If you are good with Photoshop or CorelDraw, you can give this a shot.

Businesses will always need your services either in the creation of a promo banner logo and so on. You can simply run this from the comfort of your home.

number 5 fish farming

having a fish pond and growing your fish business is a lucrative agribusiness in Africa.

Many people prefer fish to meat, which can be one of the ways to make money on the markets.

But the most important part is that you can start with low capital. You will be limited by the amount of money you have at hand, but according to experts, you don’t have to own a fish pond to get started.

You can simply use a plastic bucket and start your fish business.

number 7 social media management.

I’m sure you must have seen big brands like Amazon, Naik, ShopRite, etc on social media platforms, and you see the content there.

The secret here is that those content items are being managed by someone else who might not necessarily be a staff member of that company. With this type of business model, you can live in Africa and manage social media accounts for brands within and outside Africa.

You can visit Fiverr to create an account, or you can have your own personal website, where brands can request your services,

Number eight – clothes and ways you can start importing.

Focus on what is trending at the moment, before buying, that way if it’s trending you will make your money as soon as possible. That way you don’t put it on a product that is not selling.

number nine freelance writing.

A lot of writers make a living with this kind of business, most of the books we buy on amazon are not actually written by the writer, but a ghostwriter and you can make a living from this.

Some freelance writers get paid as high as 100 to 1000 dollars per article, while some others could make as much as forty-five thousand US dollars from ghostwriting books. For many authors, websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, will be of good use.

If you are planning to start this line of business, in fact, it will cost you time to open an account on these platforms.

Number 10 snail farming

snails are very nutritious and it’s one of the agricultural business ideas in Africa.

At the time of writing this article with 0 US dollars, you can start a snail farm on a small scale for building it to a medium scale

business number 11, animal feed production

animal husbandry, including poultry, fishery, etc.

That is anything that has to do with the rearing of animals.

feeds are very important in their survival. In this line of business, starting on a small scale means you have to streamline the business to one particular line which can be the production of feeds for a particular species of fish.

Maybe cut fish but mind you, you have to do your research and see what most farmers are into in your area.

If they are majorly into paltry, you can simply go-ahead and produce feeds in that niche.

number Twelve tutoring.

This industry is large and unregulated in Africa. It has nothing to do with the school system, but everything to do with what happens after school hours. Many parents that want their children to learn just a little more in order to have a sound education go on to higher and after school.

As a small business owner, you can run something like this even from your home. Once you’ve built it to a level, you can expand it.

number 13 fashion design.

This industry is currently experiencing a fast rise in Africa. Many designers are creating a whole lot of amazing outfits, with a lot of them being featured on fashion networks.

number 14 foodstuff retail.

This is one of the longest and common business to venture into in Africa. We all eat and as far as Africans are concerned, we don’t joke with our tummy. Having a retail store where you can sell, foodstuff can be of great help to your finances.

All you need to do is to buy from the markets and sell on the streets. No police will arrest you for that. In Africa,

number 15 computer training center

most teenagers today, don’t have access to a computer in Africa.

In fact, many barely have a cell phone, although the number of phone users among teenagers has been growing lately as compared to before, while secondary schools are pumping a lot of them out annually, they tend to go for computer training and that’s really commonplace for them and start growing Your business

number 16 mobile phone laptops and accessories

selling stores like phone cover memory cards, more than laptop charges, exact era and not capital intensive, and it’s a business.

You can start within the next to two hours


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