[, Music, ], hey guys, welcome to my channel. My name is puti pala. If you’re new here, welcome if you’re returning subscriber. Thank you so much for coming back to my channel today’s. Video is about top 10 business ideas that i’ve, come up with to help you make a living.

I know a lot of people want to start a business. The problem just comes when they now have to start thinking about the type of business to go into. The first point is e-commerce. You guys know there’s no way i was going to leave this out.

The thing about e-commerce is that it has a low startup cost and you don’t need any money and store inventory and another reason i love e-commerce is because we’re living in a time where everything is done.

Online can literally sell anything online guys it’s, a very fast-growing industry and it’s. Not going to stop trust me, like i said in my past video about starting an online uh store. You you really don’t need to have any infantry.

My next point is web design. Okay, and let me tell you something about web design. The demand for web designers is increasing there’s short courses. This thing is easy to learn. I’ll. Tell you now there’s, a lot of people out there in businesses out there that wouldn’t even dare to try and do their own work design.

So you can take advantage of that and get into web designing, but i have to tell you this uh when you want to get into web. Designing graphic designing is a key element, so it’s very important that you learn how to do graphic.

Designing before actually going into the whole web design for as long as the internet web designers will be needed. Okay, for as long as people want to click into a website or people will need to click into our website or for as long as people want to sell things online or for as long as there’s bloggers, there will be a need for Web designers, my next business idea, is photography, slash videography right now, there’s, been an increase in the consumption of online video content online image content like right now, if you go online, everything is about content, you know uh, you could also be a Videographer or photographer at events, or you could do that at um weddings and, like literally everywhere, you could do that for models.

You could do that for agencies for advertising agencies, magazines once you start and you invest in your products and equipment. You are sorted like you. Do not need to go back. All you literally need is your camera, your audio, your lighting, software, your laptop, and that’s literally it you will never have to need anything else, so it’s, really a good business to go into, especially if you know you have A very good eye and yeah.

The next idea is event planning. Listen. This is a small scale business with big earning potential. Okay, looking at how things are right now during this pandemic, 2021 is probably going to be a very big year for uh events, because a lot of events are being postponed.

A lot of events are being pushed there’s, just going to be a lot of events, and other events include baby showers. Other events include birthday parties. To be quite honest, i don’t. Think people want to plan their own events, especially big events, if you know that you’re well organized, and you also have the great eye for detail.

This is your business. My next business idea is something that i’ve tried going into, which is having your own promotion or slash marketing, company or agency. Rather, i went into this because i knew i had already had an experience of being a promoter.

You know promoting products um, promoting events promoting specific type of things being a hostess when you are deciding on the type of business you want to go into, you need to first look at the type of experience.

You have take advantage of the things that you already know. My next point is personal care by personal care. I mean sort of like a salon, but i don’t want to say salon because the minute i say salon you you think of rent.

I don’t want you guys to be thinking of those things, because you can do these things and still move remotely personal care includes your doing. People’s. Nails don’t mind my nails. I know they’re horrible.

Do people’s, nails? Do people’s lashes? Do they make up become a makeup? Artist do their hair and you can also do these at events. You know a very important part of a business is also um starting to look for clients, but i think i’ll, rather speak about that on another video.

My next business idea is um starting a cleaning company, and yes guys. This is a good business by cleaning company. I’m, not just talking about laundries there’s offices that need to be cleaned there’s streets that need to definitely be cleaned.

Uh there’s, schools that need to be cleaned. You can clean homes, you can clean cars and if you don’t take something from here at least take this okay, a good business idea for a cleaning company would be like cleaning.

After events, when there’s an event there’s, going to be a mess. Trust me there’s, going to be a mess there’s, going to be bottles everywhere. There’s going to be food everywhere. This is just going to be a mess, so you could just start a business for cleaning off the parties.

The next business idea that’s, actually booming right now, is food preparation, slash making homemade food and delivering them. The thing is, i noticed this during this pandemic that you know what restaurants are closed.

First and foremost, not everyone can cook, you know and some people just really like homemade food. You know, if you can cook, you can have like a schedule right. So on mondays, maybe you make mahodu and what? What and on tuesdays you make rice and whatever like every day, you have different types of food and the reason why i’m saying this is because it’s, going to save you a lot of money because you don’t want to be making a lot of things at once, and people end up not buying, at least if uh people know that okay on monday, they know where to go for a specific type of food.

On tuesday, they’re, not going to go for this physical type of food, so that is a good idea. If you can cook guys, please do not sleep on yourself. You have potential to make money. My next point, which is related to the previous one, is a food truck business.

Listen a food truck business would make you good money if you like to cook and you like to travel. So what you can do is that you have your own food trunk and you make food in there and you sell food at events.

I mean think about it. How many times have you been at an event and you are so hungry and the only place you can get food from it’s, probably already full or it’s, not even toast or whatever. So what you can do is sell food outside events or even inside events, honey.

My next point is content creation, content creation. Uh is broad. Okay, as long as you are making content, you are a content creator. For example, i’m, a content creator because i’m on youtube. You know i’m making content for you guys, one that you’re watching right now.

Being a blogger is a content creator, because you’re, constantly, writing content for people to read, influencer and a social media influence or instagram influence, or whatever you want to call it. That’s being a content creator because you are getting paid to make content.

Doesn’t make sense. Yes, you’re, getting paid to me. It’s constant and let me tell you i love being on camera. I kid you not and imagine now i’m being paid to do what i like. Okay, i’m, not yet uh one is hot, but i’m just saying so: yes guys that’s it from me.

I really hope this video is going to be very beneficial and informative for you guys – and you know what like i said before, if you do want to start a business just start today, i can’t you. I know this is very cliche.

Everyone always says this, but it’s, the truth. So if you have any other business ideas, please let me know down below and please hit the subscribe button guys please subscribe to my channel. I beg you guys, um and comment if you like this video, if you have any videos, suggestion comments and yeah, i really really enjoyed filming this and i hope you guys are gonna enjoy it too [ Music, ], bye-bye

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