Hey guys welcome back to yet another video on my youtube channel, but in today’s. Video I’m, going to be showing you guys three business ideas that you can start with. Absolutely no money right here in the republic of south africa, and so let’s, get right straight into that video, so that i show you guys exactly what i’m talking about [ Music ].

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If you’re, someone that works a nine-to-five job, but you’re still actively looking for some other extra ways that you can make some side income or with you a very Brooke student, just like I used to be some time back.

Are you looking for some legit side hustles that you can use to increase your income in this video? I’m gonna give you some rough ideas and hopefully point you in that right direction towards starting your own online business, which can make for you some extra income every single day for you and your family.

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So at number three we have selling off your junk. Now wait a second! I know this sounds very confusing right, but just hear me out because I’m, going to explain it to you and it’s going start making sense.

So when I talk about selling off your junk, I mean selling off everything that you own, but you do not use all you do not need anymore. For example, you all choose your old socks, your old furniture, your old cutlery or even their old engine parts.

You honestly just walk around any South African home today and you instantly find something that you can’t sell to someone who needs it, but you don’t actually need it. If you’re having trouble finding any, I recommend that you go check out your car garage or check-in use.

You will definitely find something that you can sell to someone, because you don’t need it anymore. So the way that you can’t do this is by listing this product for sale on websites like Amazon craigslist.

If you’re trying to sell stuff to do it fashion, like clothes, Porsche, Marcus, the very best website to do stuff of that kind – and you can actually see that this is a very simple method to make quick cash of your junk.

Because there are a lot of people on these websites looking to buy all this stuff that people don’t need anymore. Obviously you’re, not gonna start, making hundreds of thousands of grands every day by doing this method.

But I guarantee that when you start it, you will definitely be on the right path to starting your own online business and you’ll, be making quite a huge amount of money within a short period of time. So number two.

We have selling off stuff at Facebook marketplace. Personally, I believe that selling stuff on Facebook marketplaces the easiest way to start making some extra income every day for most of the people out there, because I know that many of you guys have active Facebook accounts.

This is because Facebook marketplace is completely free for anyone to join and start using it’s completely free to post your item for sale in any Facebook, and many of these groups have hundreds of thousands of people in them who could potentially become your Next customers honestly check through any Facebook, page or Facebook group right now of your choice and you & # 39.

Ll, find a dozen of people. Marketing products for sale from cars, to umbrellas, to old books, to all furniture, to cutlery, merely anything that people just want to get rid of houses. So how you do this is by joining a couple.

Facebook groups that have a theme that is relevant to the products that you’re trying to market. For example, if you’re selling your house, then you might need to consider joining a bunch of real estate investment groups.

When you’re, joining requests have been finally accepted, then go ahead and list your items for sale in these different Facebook groups, and definitely people that are interested will contact you and buy stuff from you and that method number one.

We have said in customized match with print-on-demand. If you don’t know what this is. Basically print-on-demand means selling products that have your own customized branding on them or some kind of customized design.

The main advantage of this business model over others is that you do not have to pay for any product inventory. There is absolutely zero static costs and no risk at all. When you study with this business since websites like this pre will fulfill orders for you and they’ll, just send you your profits.

Whenever someone buy stuff from you school, all you need is to have quite a few products listed on use, though, to make it seem professional, and whenever people will visit your store, they’ll buy stuff from you, and teespring will consistently just keep sending You your profits.

At this time of day, you can even easily come up with a customized dish. Add brandy having a coronavirus message that you will sell it to a bunch of people cause right now. Coronavirus is a very trending topic, so definitely go.

Try out this print-on-demand business model because it’s really really easy to start, and it has one of the highest returns on investment as compared to other business models. So if you have any questions about this story be sure to leave them down in the comment section below, if you feel that you & # 39, ve gained something out of watching this video.

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You guys in my next video

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