Ah boy, I’m nervous, hey, I know what it is. It’s, Gillan and his stupid music. So go to us and play music like that for black people, because like where, where hey, where, where, when I started speaking professionally, I used to wear, suits and all-stars, never sneakers, always all-stars the the suit represented where I was going.

The shoe spoke about where I’m from each and every single person in this room has a Facebook account. Yet the creator of Facebook, doesn’t know any of you exist because the power of what the Americans do is they teach their children to think and build for the global community.

We teach them to think and build for the people around the corner, but the reason we are likely to do nothing about what we’ve learned here is simple, because we like the status quo and we will look for evidence to confirm what it Is we believe we all want the same things, but in truth, we are divided, because we forget that what this country needs from all of us is a little bit of faith.

What is faith faith is the ability to see the invisible believe in the impossible and trust in the unknown: [ Music, ], [, Music, ] somewhere some mana. So I I know it’s quite late in the evening. But if you give me the next 30 minutes of your attention, I hope to make it worth your while before I start ah boy, I’m nervous, hey, I know what it is.

It’s Gillan and his stupid music. Do you listen play music like that for black people, because you’re like cuz, like wait, wait hey where, where I also have to say that I I I find our beautiful country fascinating.

Did you notice how old and Lumos had they all stars tied while they were up yeah? Do you notice now I don’t know if the Malou must know this, but the whole point of the All Star was you never had to tie the laces? Hey man guys, you must learn.

Hey the comrades must levels my limits. I’m gonna be a bit difficult with you here today. I’m, also going to be slightly controversial if for no other reason other than I think it’s about time. We’re in an interesting time in this beautiful country of ours when never before has the centre of power shifted from the old structures established pre historically through law today to the ordinary man on the streets who exercises his right and my view was That most of us, don’t understand the power that we have and we don’t even know how to exercise that power.

So here are two interesting businesses. One of them was owned by a friend of mine. His name is Juan daily. He tells a fascinating story about how these started locks and culture in the early days, and I don’t know about you but mark.

The reason I took this on very interestingly is when I started speaking professionally. I used to wear, suits and all-stars, never sneakers, always all-stars and clients, and people would ask me why and it wasn’t a gimmick.

It’s cuz. When I grew up, I think it’s. Part of the reason I got quite emotional earlier when I grew up. The only shoe that was branded my mom could afford to buy. Us was all stars, and so for me the the suit represented where I was going.

The shoe spoke about where I’m from, and I think many of us in the room can relate to this. So my good friend Wanda started this interesting business called lotion culture. He started it in 95, 96 formally started it in 98.

At the peak of his business, I ran about 80 million rand and turnover around the same time. He started his business 10 years prior. This interesting business was started called mr. price. Mr. price, today is just about an 11 billion.

I ran business. Those numbers are dated by two years, so here’s, the question: if what one dealer does and want him artha, my good friend of Mr Price does is the same thing. Why did one of them odd grow with the other by a mile? Here? Are two interesting businesses? I made an interesting entrepreneur called Tebow tobol.

He operates and lives in Alexander he’s runs a business that was run by his dad was run by his granddad before him. His business is as puzzle, his popular commodity of sale. In his puzzle shop, is it Gorda? All of us here know about Yokota.

If you don’t, you’ve, not had a quintessential South African experience. Now he’s been running his business for years, but I asked him: when did you formally start take taken over the business was when he left high school in 2005? Last year he employed three people.

He did 53 thousand rand and turn over the entire year as an interesting business called quarter, Joe’s was started by a group of people that belonged to famous brands. They started their business in 2013.

What do they sell? The same got ta wood table cells in Alexander, and yet in three years they’ve grown their business to 20 million rand, though do 60 this year they & # 39. Ll, do a hundred. Next, they’ll, be doing a billion.

Maybe in seven years time, if what he did were terrible and what God the Joe does is the same thing, why is the Tubbs business not growing? What’s? A bank put up your hand if your mom and dad ever had a stock fell or belongs to one.

My mother belongs to so many stock fell. She was broke on the second of every month. I was like mom why she’s like a mad dog. I’m, like mother, [, __ ], and we’re, not allowed to swear in my household that’s.

Why? I speak so proper. It’s. True dusty doesn’t a job, but you know shock the black people. When he’s born dusty started swimming cuz for us yay Ivan houses are different. I look at my own household, like my wife, and I grew up very differently.

My wife comes from a proper posh background, so when our kids are naughty, my son’s. Name is Lucy. The third born again jet level, some child LEDs levels. When my son’s, no-tell watch more chicas Vicki don’t.

Take the corner. I’m fascinated by this idea of corners. There’s. A black person I’m, like how is this a punishment, and then I worked it out. You know why black people never send kids to the corner cuz in the in the rural areas, where we come from those around us.

No Cod has beds. If you’re watching, I hate gonna lean, hey. Alright, I’ll, stop pasta, so my mother belonged to stock fell on stock fell on stock fell there’s; an interesting stock fell. We met up with in the Eastern Cape, they’re called sang lore, but they & # 39.

Ve existed since 1985. Do you know what a bank is a bank? Is a stock fell. The simple idea that you put your money somewhere when [ __ ] needs to buy a home. He goes to the bank, says a bank. I’d like to lend money what they do.

Is they collectively take all the money you’ve put in as deposits, lend it to me. If I’m, a good risk price, the risk calling it interest, they use. This thing called the interest rate and the worst I behave as a consumer.

They primeplus me over a 20-year period and I pay the money back. The bank makes a bit of interest and they pay you back your money. So all the bank is is nothing more than a stock fell. That has the licence to lend the money art.

So my mother’s belonged to a stock fell this particular stock. First Engel has existed since 85. Last year they collected three hundred thousand rand. In total collections of the members of the stock fell.

Apsa has existed only since 91 at epsilon she did 4.6 billion rand in turnover. Now, if what apps are does in C, ANOVA does essentially the same thing. Then why are the people of Ono in the Eastern Cape who belong to the stock full of some of our still ridiculously poor, and what I will argue here today very simply is this that you and I have been fed a lie.

The lie is about this great idea. Called small business start one just start, they tell you and stay small, never disrupt don’t move things too much employing a person may be to you show me one thing that you and I look at around here today – that’s.

Been changed or fundamentally disrupted by small business. You will not find it 1978. My grandfather now late grandfather, I started a business, his business was as puzzle and he took his garage looking to make a bit of extra income and converted his garage to a shop, and the neighbors would come down the street to buy for monk.

For my grandfather’s, puzzle shop to this day were famous in our home for that special in the 1990s he expanded who moved further up the road and up the road. There were two other houses and into those two other homes he got into their garages and converted those interest, puzzle, shops and you know what happened in the 90s.

My grandfather was living large. He now had three spazzy shrubs, but he started in 1978 when my grandfather died now four years ago, he died with once Puzzle shop and not much money to speak of in the same year 1978 when he started his puzzle.

Shop for young entrepreneurs met in a small little town called stellenbosch in the independent province of Cape Town, hmm, Cape Town, Prairie, and when they met, you know what they did. They put together a little bit of money.

One of them had a bit of money to speak of his name was Chris. He had started a business called Pepco a decade earlier, so they put in a little bit of money into the pot and they created a business that was essentially as puzzle shop.

They called it shop right. So in the same year, my grandfather started his puzzle shop so did whitey Poisson and his friends start shop right shop right this year. This year we’ll, do a hundred and twenty-four billion rand and turnover my grandfather died was nothing to speak of.

My contention is that whilst there was a deliberate system that sought to keep us as a people disenfranchised, the greatest victory of that system is not that it kept black people disenfranchised is that it taught you and I that it’s.

Okay to think and do small – and this is a line that’s – been fed so much to us that we believe it. We believe it it’s permeate even in our education systems. We believe it, and so when we start businesses we think small, I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs I see start a business register, go to the bank open, get a bank account, go to stores, get a tax clearance and then start filling Our database registration forms just to get that one tender, because we’re all thinking in a linear fashion.

We’re. All thinking small, I just sell, is going to be slightly controversial if we really want to take this country forward. If we really want to do away with this problem of 43, not 38 43 percent unemployment of young people under the age of 31 and of that 43 percent unemployment of those young people, 67 of them – are young black of the component.

That’s. Young and black, over 80 % of those are young, black and female. We don’t change that problem in any other way other than building a country that’s substantially better than it is right. Now we only do that by teaching the majority of people don’t think small.

It pained me when I was in Dragon’s Den watching people come to pitch because it hit me over and over and over again that, specifically, my people were thinking in exactly the same way. So how should we be thinking it’s, one thing to kind of spell out the problem: what’s? The solution right, my view – and we talked about this in our firm – we run a fund.

There are four different types of businesses. The first is a start-up wants to startup it’s, the one guy it’s him. He does the job and he’s, easy to spot too cuz. He goes to the client on the Monday meets him sells to the client on the Tuesday, goes to the client’s office and delivers.

The work on the Wednesday goes to his office and emails. The client, the invoice on the Thursday phones, the client asking for his money and on the Friday he pays his landlord. He’s, every single part of the value chain that’s, not wrong, except so many of us have been taught that that’s.

What business is we don’t know that there are other phases of it. If you’re, not a startup, you move a level up, you become what we call an offer. I’m, a survival entrepreneur. They’re, easy to spot one guy, two or three people in the office feels a bit important.

He drives usually a merc. Why? Well, because any self-respecting entrepreneur knows that the best car is a BMW. No one drives a merc this AMG. For what? For, if you not a survival entrepreneur, what are you you then become what we call a success entrepreneur now, if you ever read The Sunday Times or you read the media in South Africa and you’ll hear them talk about these people called ten.

The preneur most of them are nothing more than success entrepreneurs. You know what success entrepreneurs are people who make money to show you that they make money very simple. I make it so I’ve got to show you that I make it.

I wear the right kind of suit. I live in the right kind of suburb. I Drive the right kind of car. I send my kids for the right kind of school. The other word in my good friend Alan who I saw earlier calls them is lifestyle entrepreneurs.

I make money to live the right kind of lifestyle notice. We’ve, not created anything here. We’ve, not unemployed, more people, we’ve, not built the country we’ve, not grown our GDP. We’ve, not done anything to create a better country.

All we’ve done. Is we’ve, taken a few people and given them a better lot, so that’s happened. What & # 39? S really required is for us to create hyper growth entrepreneurs. The thing here is: these people are very rare, very rare because one they take the long term view two.

They don’t believe in their own PR. Three. They understand the value of networks is not the network, but the ability to unlock value in that network and three and four, but perhaps most importantly, is they understand the value of education, not a degree, not a certificate education.

Two days ago I had a guy walk into my office. He’s, a growth entrepreneur, this guy, he just doesn’t know it. He’s, an engineer. He’s 34 years old. Dough balls is his name, and there was very interesting because he came to my office.

It he’s. Looking for a bit of funding, he & # 39. S got contracts that he’s, been servicing, has been trying to finance the contracts themselves. It’s, just not working. This is to me. I needed a bit of funding.

I said what do you need debtor equity and we sit down. We look at his balance sheet and here’s. What I found fascinating about on doors. He’s, an engineer by training, but when I asked him specific questions about his business, the mechanics of how it works and then the finances of that business, he knew it backwards.

He knew how much of his overdraft he used on which month and what the interest rate of their overdraft was and what the interest portion cost him in that overdraft. He knew how much his tax liability was gyah.

What is that liability was most of us. Don’t know that who run our businesses. He knew what his capital structure was. As an engineer know what his capital structure is. Yet this guy just does six seven million rand a year, but he’s, a growth entrepreneur.

He’s, genuinely interested in building a better South Africa. So I was on this show. Unfortunately, I since learned that I was the bad guy on the show. Did you know this because I was like, but I’m, the nice guy.

But what then I go to place? People like Oh Lucy. Yes, you’re, so mean yes, whoo yeah. You know the worst thing. A black person can say to you. I don’t know, you know what means who means there are no words for you.

There’s. Just no words I can’t explain it again. This is what I love about this country, the nuance of what we miss right. I mean I I you know I you know there are certain things that where I come from that when you say them, they have such depth, meaning and substance.

A simple thing like this now I could say that in the boardroom but yeah, the other guys, wouldn’t get it if I said to a black person, even if they had two PhDs and they were chairman of the board, we are going to The stratum Chad, you said to me you don’t, miss it so a lot.

I would love this about this country right. Another one is how we greet you ever notice. Yeah you’re. Not black. People can greet each other worth saying a word. It’s. Like you know this is. This is a da how’s that how’s, the family? How’s, the kids? How’s? Everyone? How’s things since I’ve last seen you? How are you all of it with Chester and the other guy replies the order reply? It’s, just a wink.

You know the wink is the wink. Is we’re all good? It’s, all good. The home long got approved. We live in large, it’s. Okay, one wink, but here’s. What I really love about us! I don’t know if you know this, but where I’m from we speak in numbers.

Numbers like for us numbers is a language. So if you want to say to someone that you are uncomfortable, you need to go to the lavatory to relieve yourself. What you would say is ADA. I’m gonna buy your size, six! Nine! You four five rooms of what a second of ma & # 39, am write it down.

I’ll, explain it when we’re done very quickly. I’m running showing town, but I just want to quickly show you two things so I was on the show Dragon’s Den, and this is how I came up with this theory about the problem with small business.

I want to show you two examples of entrepreneurs who came into the show, and other thinking was wrong. The first con would introduce you to is the president. He called himself mr. president, but mr. president had a theory.

His theory was that the eye has as much intelligence and sensitivity as the anus two things that should never ever be compared, but he compared them then proceeded to tell us where that the show was shot in August.

He said by December that year, which is about three – maybe four months by December – that year, his business idea, which was about understanding the sensitivity of the anus as an intelligent body, part, would be worth 1 billion, rand, necessarily wouldn’t, invest.

We thought the idea was just stinking, but have a quick look at mr. president. Guys can you hit play absolutely? This is what looks like and it’s been painted as such as an application. What you see it around yeah? What you see here is a package of different items.

All these items are to help an S or to monetize the opportunity study, the behavior of the human eye in relationship with the human anus. Nobody has ever conducted us, the human eye relationship absolutely the human anus ex-cops.

I think, honestly, I think it’s Just let’s just get to the point here. What I discover is the fact that these two organs are equally intelligent. As far as sensitivity is concerned, we have a deal locally and in the u.s. all right locally there’s The stores there, the brand that we have a deal with they have 140 stores across. I call who are they should. I say the name is micro-stores, locally whoo mica, so Marcus stores have agreed to stock your product.

Absolutely they need about ten thousand years to get a start, it’s. A cash deal. Cash, yes, believe what you get paid. They’re down talking. This is just not my game and I’m worried that I’m gonna be flushing money down the toilet yeah.

I respect. I have to say that I’m out. Thank you. The crystalline Clanton Taba, but unfortunately, I won’t be parting with my money today you know there’s so many other challenges in South Africa. At this point in time and yours, I do not think it’s a serious priority.

Thank you very much. Do I have to say no, I already said don’t. You love levels response, so when we were doing the show, we called lay with the Oracle, because someone would come and present something stupid and they were just like.

You know the philosophy of what you’re. Doing. We’re like labor. No, it’s, stupid its challenges. Now there’s. An interesting idea here’s, how it actually worked. Listen to this! It’s, a dispenser you put water in the dispenser.

You take your toilet paper double-ply, I hope, and you would put the toilet paper in your hand and before you use it apply as it were. You would dispense water into it to make it soft and wet, because if you wipe with something that’s, soft and wet it wipes better than if it’s hard and dry fascinating, except that there’s.

A little thing called wet wipes. I don’t know. If you’ve heard of them, you’ve heard of them. You buy them at disc em. You know Ivan Saltzman’s business. You open it up. In the wet wipe, it comes out the way it is so.

What’s? The fund? It’s, the real problem, he’S, got two real problems. The one is his thinking is wrong. He’s, trying to fix the problem that doesn’t exist. A lot of us do that you fixed a problem that does exist. Why? Well? Because you go to an education system that tells you to identify issues that are there apply problems that already exist or solutions that already exist and hope to make it better than everybody else.

Most of us, in truth, are a dummy community. We copy the neighbor that’s, why we drive the same brand of car. We’re. The same brand of suits, live in the same suburbs, send our kids to the same schools, because as human beings, we find I don’t know if you know this, but psychologically we find value in the tribe that I belong to.

A group of people now the second gentlelady is very interesting. I won’t waste much time watch this. I need this investment so badly because is going to be the key to starting up my business and to making a success of it and pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams.

360 mobile beauty is a mobile beauty salon that offers mobile Beauty hand, services to our clients, all in the comfort of their own homes. 360 Beauty does away and moves away from traditional salons.

As we know them, we do away with brick and mortar and buy by leveraging innovation and technology and mobilizing our technicians. We offer a quality, unique service that’s different from the norm in a time where time itself has become very expensive and people are on the go and don’t have time to sit in traffic waste Pedro, get to a salon.

Even for the gentleman and still have to wait for your stylist then be rushed through it, because your stylist is trying to move a lot of people through the chase for them to make turnover. I’ve, adopted innovation through my cell phone mobile app, and I’ve mobilized, my technicians to deliver our service in the comfort of our clients.

Homes at their office attend events wherever they choose where they in terms of revenue generation have allocated, and I’ve, broken it down to two segments services and product, because a lot of salons are making money from product sales.

I’ve apportioned it to say, 60 % is in is is is raised from from sales, 40 % is raised from product. I’ve allocated a minimum spend for us to be able to go and render the service to a client of eight hundred rands.

This is based on the research that I’ve done with salons and the prices they’re charging for services and the like. Eight hundred rent is based on what it’s, based on what a woman with Spain. For here for her nails for a pedicure for treat, so this is average spend.

So this is every space. So for someone to be able to book with us and for us to go to them, they need to be spending 800 rands, either both service and product or product alone or service. My challenge is: I’m, not convinced of the numbers.

You know. I’m. Not I’m, not convinced that there’s, a big enough market that is going to be spending 800 rent each time. No, I completely different, but how big is that market doesn’t? The point I’m making is growing companies and South Africa at the moment is kinky.

They sell here an average of 2,500 bucks yeah. We can split it two ways, because I can support with a complete development of the app from office and really just remodel this thing. We can rework it together, but I really like, I think I like her thinking and we could really work this thing together nicely.

I think a five-way split of the 350 would be would be a great to the vote of confidence in you as a person are the two of you interested before we even consider it are the two of you interested in diluting any further.

So for me I understand the risks of what she’s, getting into say it for season. I mean through it and gladly sir, I’m. Sorry, I mean very quickly. What did she do right? One she knew her market. Did the research this is the basic stuff she came in with uber amounts of integrity.

She’d, actually prepared. She walked in, but three – and this is for me, what got to me about this young lady is. She was thinking in an exponential way. She wasn’t thinking, incrementally she actually thought about the problem as it exists, and how do you create a solution to the problem that is not only sustainable but scalable building an uber but for his stylists now what many people don’T know who watched the show he’s ruined granted money to do the show.

This was our own money. So if I commit two million I ran to a single business. I’m committed that’s. It I’m in so we put in about eight hundred thousand ran into this young lady at various stages. In her business she’s, only just turned cashflow positive, but at each time when we’ve put in money there’s, been so much dilution in the business that I now own, probably less than 0.

1 % here’s, the thing about Charmaine, which makes her amazing. She had the courage to see it through. So we gave her the first batch of funding with the first batch of funding. She went to market and tested the business and it failed it.

Didn’t work of the five of us three felt she should stop. She didn’t. Take our advice. She kept going. She left her flat sold her home, moved back into her parents house sold her big a button sold her car moved back into her parents class, took the proceeds from the car and then funded herself for a further three months when we saw that she was committed.

Put in a bit more money and a bit more money and below is now really supporting her, and now she’s profitable and cashflow positive. So the main idea here is that it’s possible. If you & # 39, ve got to stop thinking in the small business way she’s, not trying to start a small business to create an uber for hair.

Stylists is not thinking small. Her market isn’t Joburg, its Joburg in Paris and New York and Moscow in London. That’s, her market and she can, if she wants to each and every single person in this room, has a Facebook account.

Yet the creator of Facebook, doesn’t know any of you exist because the power of what the Americans do is they teach their children to think and build for the global community. We teach them to think and build for the people around the corner.

So if you think about it – and I said this to the minister of small business entrepreneurs on Twitter last for long – we need six things. Six things just six, just six things give me these six things I’m.

Happy first thing is give me: is an infrastructure that works roads without potholes government departments that work so what I needed text parents. I can get it quickly when I want to register my business.

That happens quickly. Second thing: you must give me access to markets. I need that third, strong administration ability. Fourth, the right people – and here is the real challenge we face with helping entrepreneurs build businesses.

Today, it’s. The people, smart people who are very well qualified and able don’t start businesses. They get high-paying executive jobs in companies and they stay there and most of them think about it.

They come up with the idea, but they never leave, and so because of that, in truth, you don’t, get a ratchet up of talent coming into the entrepreneurship ecosystem and finally, they need capital. The money doesn’t have to be cheap, but it does have to be patient, which is why we can’t be asking our banks to do it, so I want to close very quickly with this.

If you think about it, there are three different ways: people build businesses. So what do we need? We need four things. The first thing we need is people that build with a philosophy I come from. A Township called wat Ville in my Township called wat Ville right across us was a small.

It was another Township called Acton Ville and the only thing separating what Ville from Acton Ville was a railways that used to run across it’s. Actually, an interesting story: what Ville was a massive Township and the apartheid government understood that the bigger the Township got the less their ability to control the people who lived in it.

So what they did was they split. The Township in half took families and move them to another Township now called Davidson in the East strand and in the part from which they moved them. They moved in a new community of people, Asians, Indians specifically, and it was called Acton Ville in the Township that I come from the same shops that I went to eyes to buy fish and chips for my mom.

If she sent me there or cigarettes for my uncle, those same shops are still there because, whilst in my Township, we were building small little spacer shops to sell loose draw, the Indian people across the railway were thinking differently and they were thinking about.

How do we create legacy businesses, so none us who started with a small dry, cleaner, then moved out into a sports business then moved into a food business on all three of those businesses, because their thinking is at a different level.

Now I’m, arguing that we need neither the sustain or legacy thinking what we need in South Africa today is. We need a philosophy of thinking. We need people that are going to build businesses on the premise of a philosophy.

What do I mean by a philosophy, something that is just not relevant to the time? So when Steve Jobs started Apple? What did he say? He said I want to build a business that will enable humanity and computers to have an intuitive relationship.

That’s, why an apple is easier and more friendly to use than an Android device. It’s. Not by mistake. It is, it is upgrade yourselves. Congrates upgrade your sense, yeah levels to these things. Let vents must listen to aka.

So what do we need to do? We need to start building businesses with philosophies, not just another me to business or just another sustained business, but a true business with a philosophy and a business with the philosophy is a business that has an idea so strong that the idea transcends time transcends.

Culture transcends people, the idea holes, you know what the philosophy for Google is, do no harm whatever they do, however, much value they add in community. Whatever information they amass, all they saying is.

We exist for the simple purpose of doing no harm. Virgen says make money. Have fun tell me that that’s, not an idea that transcends time and culture, and so the whole idea is. We need to start thinking about building philosophy, businesses that’s, how we get the country out of the mess.

Second thing is: we need a strong system of mentorship. This is a real problem, because those of us that make it never go back to help those that haven’t. If I may, and my fellow South Africans of different demographics, please excuse me for a moment.

Let me say this to my people. Us as a people must be the only people that measure our success, not by how many other successes we create, but by how many failures we see around us, we make money, we move out.

We buy fancy cars. Then, every Saturday we go back to the places from which we come. We find our friends who couldn & # 39, t make it out. We stand with them at the she sang homage just so we can show the little that we’ve amassed and until we create a mindset where we go back to build those who need to be built, we will not create a better South Africa.

The third and I feel really strongly about this – I don’t know I heard a sign. You spoke about it. I wasn’t there when she did the intro, but we really need to begin to reward a culture of delayed gratification, delayed gratification, delayed gratification, doesn’t mean no gratification.

It just means, if you can wait, wait because your time and opportunity will come. There was a clip I thought about showing here, but I didn’t a young man who came to Dragon’s. Den raised two million ran from me as it was and I funded him.

His name was Johann and Johann came with his dad. I gave him two million. I gave him two million on the premise of what he committed to me on the show now. The contract for the show says that we have only one proviso, his dragons, that we can do a due diligence after the show and when I did the due diligence, I asked him very specific questions about how he had conducted himself and his business, and he gave Me very specific answers, and the only thing I was asking him was.

I was trying to understand the man’s. Life style has two million rounds, a lot of money. When I give it to you, where is it going to go, then after that was done in our office, we did an audit and when we started doing the audit and checking the information you’ve, given us, we actually understood that his problem is: He’s, a brilliant business person.

He’s, just very bad, at managing his personal lifestyle, and so because he mixes his business life with his personal life. His business is now more investment worthy. This is a culture of conspicuous consumption where, because you have it, you need to show you have it.

You ever thought about what we do. We buy things we don’t need to impress people, we don’t like or won’t, even remember that we bought those things. It is the most fascinating mental thinking fascinating.

And finally, this is the challenge to those of you here who are budding entrepreneurs put up behind. If you’ve written a business plan, throw it away. In fact, I’ll make it even brief on the recommendation burn it, and I want you to watch every single part of it burning.

You know why, because a business plan is a lie, you know the history of business plans. They were created in the 1930s by the Americans. You know why they created them because in 1929 this small little thing called the crash happened in Wall Street and when the crash happened, the Americans worked wait, they went wait.

Why did the crash happen? It crashed because we lent money to big businesses without assessing those businesses plans yeah. We need a way to assess their plans, and so they came up with. Can you believe it the very same system we use today of writing business plans? Swot analysis, strengths weaknesses? They were not the strengths and then the opportunities and the threats.

Then you put it on a slide, whoa investor but strength, and then I’ve got weaknesses and then so the Americans created that system, but they created it for big businesses as an entrepreneur. Let me tell you: I write a business plan in Jan and March.

It’s, not it’s useless, because the market has changed. New competitors have come, new people are doing new things. The product I wanted to launch is no longer relevant. My only speed my only speed as an entrepreneur is the speed of light, and so the only resource you have as an entrepreneur to compete with big businesses is, you can move faster than they can that’s? It because you cannot box them.

You don’t, have more money and you don’t employ people who are just as smart as the people they employ. But what you can do is you can move much much faster. You can get to the customer quicker. You can service them faster and you can stay much closer to that customer.

Stick to that, and so what I’m saying here is: we need to think about starting businesses just start throw away the business plan start start badly. Make a mistake, fail. Make a bigger motors come back, do it again, but just start now that I’ve told you everything I’ve told you.

I thought about what’s, going to be my dusty rich moment, yeah yeah! Now I was gonna take off my pants, but hey this whole room would go darkman there’d, be no space. It just wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t work because you know dusty.

I’m Zulu, I mean say I’m working with different equipment here. Chief, the reason I’m wearing pants is called asset management, risk management, complex different you and I cuz. When you took yours off, I was like where, where’s, this, where’s, this way, is it that’s, my system like palace? Can you see it where it’s? Not there man now so in December this year I had the amazing privilege there’s.

A global organization called meetings net. It’s, the largest gathering of meetings planners and corporate companies around the world, about 12,000 of them, and every year they issue a book. It’s called a golden book and it’s.

The book of the top speakers in the world that year they only put in 12 it’s, never an ordinal fashion. So number one is not number one number 12, not number 12. They just say these. The top speakers in the world this year, twelve of them in the 68 year history of this being done know South African has ever been on the list.

No African has ever been on the list. No person of color has ever been on the list this year. In December I was really humbled. I broke all three of those records amazing and I I just I don’t know where all of you are from a faith perspective, but I do want to say that it’s.

Not me. It’s; his God has given me the most incredible ability and talent. Now that I’ve told you what I’ve told you. Let me tell you why, after over a decade of speaking in now 49 countries around the world, you are likely to walk out of this room and do absolutely nothing about what I’ve told you seed hit me about six years ago that I Was working with people all over the world and speaking and yet every time I would speak, my business model depended on them, not acting, so they’d.

Bring me back again, so I assured my I told my team. My research team, I said, find out for me: why do human beings look for new knowledge only to take the new knowledge and do exactly the same old things that we’re doing with it before it sounds stupid, and here’s? What we found each and every single person in this room is held prison by two biases.

The first is the confirmation bias all of us live in the world where we look for information to confirm the beliefs. We deeply hold you near the country’s, doing better. Just y & # 39. All look Jacob Zuma’s.

Five incline clock again: no, he only fired him once yeah, but the journeys done it. Some Harvard professors did a bit of interesting research and this wouldn’t, be a professional talk of hurt and views.

Harvard you see. Did you notice how my accident change – and I said some Harvard professors Harvard what have at Harvard? You must lift it at the in Harvard the DS, silent yeah, but somehow the professor’s.

Did some interesting research in the 1980s they took two groups of MBA students. In fact they took a single group of an MBA class was 40 of them in splitted into two 20 each. They then took pieces of research and gave them to these groups.

The pieces of research proved a single thing, so could you imagine where took some papers and research and gave it to this side of the room that proved that the sky is blue? Then I came to this side of the room and gave you pieces of research that proved that the sky is pink and at the end of the day, you believe the skies blue, you believe the skies pink, but we’re talking about the same Sky, the following day, they came back now.

These are smart people, top 1 % of the intellectual capital of the world, MBA students at Harvard Business School, and they took the research they’d given to this group and gave it to the other and the research they’d, given To this group and gave it to the former, they took the research that proved the sky’s pink and gave it to the group that believed the sky was blue and took the research that proved the sky was blue and gave it to the Alternative group, but here’s, what they did in what was 80 pages of hard heavy statistical data.

They left three small traces in bullet points of evidence that proved what they believed the day before and without fail. Both groups at the end of the day, found those three pieces of evidence and defaulted to the belief they held the day before, even in the light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, because as human beings, we are hardwired to look for information that confirms the deeply Held beliefs, we have the country’s going down, so you drive past the you drive past a traffic light and there’s, a person begging.

You see, I told you, the country’s going down. If you look for the evidence, you & # 39, ll find it. The second thing is this: the status quo bias most of us like things. The way they are you know. Human beings are fascinating creatures.

We are the only creature that is adapt to change and yet hates making the change each time it needs to, because I don’t know what you when mondello’s president, I’m, like yes, my been staying, whose Table now who was Tom and the table who came? Oh, he’s, smart Tom, Oh sky, and then tom was going with, like ah guys and then halima came.

We were like who’s, the snow? Oh, we don’t have to worry. He’s, going okay, that’s cool and then Jacob came yeah, but the status quo bias simply says you and I will look for every piece of evidence to support the status quo as we know it.

The reason I will tell you what I have told you and I’ve, noted some of you taking notes. I’m very happy to share a full copy of this presentation with Mark and Mark. You can send it to everybody here.

I prepared it just for you, you can have it and do it that what you like, but the reason we are likely to do nothing about what we’ve learned here is simple, because we like the status quo and we will look for evidence To confirm what it is, we believe this beautiful country of ours is at an interesting time.

It is a time, unlike any other, it is a time when we all of us are Africans need to pull together to build a country worth living in because, regardless of your race, I can assure you we all want the same things.

We do it’s, the politics that divide us. You know we want. You want a country where you can jog at 11, o’clock at night and you don’t have to look over your shoulders or if you got harms driving out of you and you went to a public hospital, you would get A grade public hospital service, or if you sent your child to the public school around the corner, they would receive a global standard of education.

We all want the same things, but in truth, we are divided, because we forget that what this country needs from all of us is a little bit of faith. What is faith faith is the ability to see the invisible believe in the impossible and trust in the unknown, and so I wish you, your companies and your families in this beautiful country of ours, just a little bit of faith.

Thank you very much. [ Applause, ], [, Music, ]

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