Ip Braai is our culture. It’s in our blood and aren’t. All ingenious business ideas born around a fire. A business IS a culture as a culture is a group of people who come together around a common set of values and beliefs.

This is why we aim to find the clients, the businesses, the affiliates, who believe what we believe to join forces so that we can all make a difference together. We still believe in South Africa, we still believe in the South African Entrepreneur and as a small business ourselves.

Our passion is to empower SA small business to build Strong Business Foundations and drive Adventurous Growth. Ip Braai is an online business platform determined to inspire, educate and serve in-house, covering Intellectual Property ( IP ) and Commercial law, together with a rapidly growing affiliate network of industry, specialists sharing our love for the startup, providing a strategic selection of services tailored to the needs Of every small business, our purpose is to inspire a fresh perspective, a shared culture of business thinking differently.

Building yours should be exhilarating, influential and fulfilling not a struggle, because the basics are lacking: pandemics, politicians and all the other life pressures. Business is tough, but pressure is a privilege because you get to grow and ascending as a person is one of the smartest ways to spend the rest of your life with every challenge comes the gorgeous opportunity to rise to level up.

We are taking on the challenge to impact 150 000 Small Businesses, the IP Braai way, so you can grow your business. Your way, will you help us achieve our goals by achieving yours?

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