Always wanted to start your own business, yes, five ideas that you can do right now to start your own business work from home work for yourself and be your own boss. Let’s, get into it become a web developer.

Do ID support become an event planner. Do social media marketing be a tutor, become a web developer, Sony Remy, let’s, find WordPress. The complete web WordPress website builder course, 4.4 stars used to be a thousand five hundred.

Ninety two hundred, let’s; click on it and see what it’s all about expertise, to create beautiful, modern websites for clients and create recurring income through website hosting care and maintenance plans.

This is exactly what we need to start. Our WordPress web development business Add to Cart. A different option is Joomla. Let’s, see if they have anything on that there we go Joomla for beginners, let’s, see what that is all about.

In this video we’re, going to see how you can install Joomla manually now. Some of the reasons why you may want to install Joomla manually is maybe the hosting company that you did not exactly what we needed, but I’m.

Sure if you search a little bit more, you’ll, find some great joomla courses, so juvenile with wordpress is open source software. So let’s go to, so the idea behind WordPress is that it’s.

A blog platform, but you can literally build a proper website with it and that’s. How you start your web development business next, you need hosting. So let’s. Look at some hosting options: unlimited domains, 1-click, installs and metered better and with free SSL is freedom.

Mine included, starting at $ 3 95 per month 57 Rand a month to host as many websites as you like there’s. Many emails like email accounts, as you like, with as many FTP accounts you like this many, my sequel, databases as you like, so you can literally run a business for fifty seven fifty grand a month.

You can do pretty much the same for everything else. Do IT support so IT support career here in Macomb, [, Music ]. You can take a day or two days to just go through this course and start understanding what it takes to be a IT support, consultant and then advertise yourself as a IT support consultant.

It’s. Our so tonight is sports. Consulting business and I’ve gone through a few courses to sort of see what it entails, get some technical details down. So I understand how to be an IT sport business.

How do we advertise this? One of the easiest ways is Facebook. Everyone is on Facebook, so I & # 39. Ve got a facebook marketing create an ad for yourself. It’ll, be noon country. They’ll place a free ad on gumtree, saying that you did IT support and people will contact you there’s.

Also, your local newspaper is always Flyers everywhere, so you can advertise a lot of spaces to get your name out and get your business out there. The key thing is to start and advertise advertise are a lot.

The more you advertise the better your chances to get into a good company and to do their IT support so who needs IT suppose, every small and medium business that don’t have time to do their own support or they don’T have the money and the resources to employ someone permanently to look after their computers, so that’s.

Where you come in that’s, what they need you, they need you to come to you support for them. They need you to come to their doorstep, install windows on a brand new machine and leave leaving a bull behind.

That is what it takes. It’s. Really that simple! You need to go to companies, they will contact you. They will let you know what they need you to do and once you have customers, they’re, your customers for life.

If you do a good job and then of course, you can do things like employ people and employees skilled people to take care of certain aspects of your business, that you might not necessarily have the time or the skills for so very important to employ the right People that, if you do find a skill in your industry, that you are required to have to successfully run your business, but you can employ someone that has that skill and buy them appropriately according to what they’re worth.

That’s. How you start to earn? I’d example when I become an event, planner become an event planner now in South Africa, knish down to being a event planner for weddings, so a wedding, planner or doing just birthday parties.

You can’t niche down, but generally in our country that really limits you to the amount of business you can do so. What we really generally do is just call yourself an event. Planner do whatever comes your way and make it happen.

So the biggest part of being event planner is to be able to plan stuff. So sure you can do a course on you to me about it, but I would rather say just every single aspect of the event that you & # 39.

Re planning should be thought through written down, made, notes of and planned properly from. Where are you going to rent the flowers or buy the flowers to where you’re, going to rent the tablecloths or buy the tablecloths, and if you do buy it, are you going to be able to use it for different events? And if you did not buy it, are you able to return it without it being ruined? We are you going to wash the things we are you going to clean things? What are you going to feed people? Think of everything that could possibly happen in that event? What lights do you need? What cameras do you need to take? What people you need to hire to do things? Is it a birthday party, in which case you need cake? Is it a wedding, in which case you need a good photographer event? Planning is literally about planning the one that does the best planning gets the most business sure you can do a course on it.

Is it required, possibly a good idea other than that? Just start advertising that you do have been planning also a very good place to advertise event. Planning is on Facebook. Everyone is on Facebook.

Everyone needs recommendations for Mother’s, 60th birthday party or the child’s, twelfth birthday party with his 20 best friends or the opening some new area, and people generally are going to be talking about that on Facebook, and once you become One of the recommended people business will stream in very important to know how much you’re going to charge.

You need to figure that out before you even go see your first client. What is your hourly rate going to be? What is your total expense is going to be? What is your rental of your equipment? Your cameras, your clothes, your washing, your drying, your transport.

What is all that going to cost you so that you have a price when you get to the customer? Do social media marketing a lot of businesses these days are well away that the social media marketing platform can bring new business to their business from all over the world.

It’s, a very great way to gain your business because you are speaking to people and people need things done. So a lot of businesses are willing to spend money on advertising, and especially since social media.

Advertising is such a hot thing at the moment, that is one of the go-to methods to get new customers, so that includes Twitter, Facebook, Google, all your brand names that you can advertise a business at and you can specify who you want the target audience to be So if you’re, a pool business, for example, spending a few bucks every month on Google advertising to be on the top of the search engine for your area.

When someone types in pool, painting or pool renovations – and that obviously brings a lot of attention to your website or your Facebook page or wherever you have set up something and that can get people interested in your service same with Facebook, if you have a group or You have a page or you have some sort of information or something on your webpage, and you can direct hundreds of thousands of people to that.

You will surely get some new business because of that, so that’s, a great way to actually advertise your business and get new business and people, especially small and medium businesses, once again, actually even larger businesses.

That has the time and the money, but not the resources to do social media marketing will actually be interested in a service like this, and a lot of money is to be made. So the two things you have to keep in mind with social media marketing is: what do you charge your customer, the portion of the money that’s, going to come to you and how much does your customer want to spend on the actual budget Of the advertising, because Facebook is going to make your paper but impression or per-click, and the same goes for Google, although Google actually mostly works on pay-per-click advertising and then this other ways these Gumtree there’s.

All your local business indexes that you can just add businesses for free on, so that will cost your customer nothing and it will cost you nothing just a lot of time to go. Add the business to all those platforms and then your fee that you charge the customer is basically for your pocket and not necessarily spend on any of the platforms, but definitely the paid options are the better options.

In most cases, advertising on Google and advertising on Facebook and Twitter at this stage is very, very hot, so that’s, definitely something to consider doing as a service for your customer through social media marketing market, a company market, the crap out of the Company you stick to their budget that they allocate for social media marketing and charge you a fee for actually doing the work.

It’s. A win win for your company that you’re working for and for yourself because they are definitely going to get new business. If you are doing it right and if you’ve done it twice or three or four or five times, then definitely it’s going to become easier, and you can actually go to courses on how to do social media marketing stay Away from the super expensive courses that gives you all this hype just talk to something simple: that’s, not that expensive, just to get into it and don’t pay attention to all these gurus.

That wants to charge thousands and thousands of dollars to do simple courses. You can do get the same quality information just on YouTube or udemy or Skillshare, where you just do simple cause. It teaches thought that, because social media marketing, especially in our country, is something you’re going to have to learn.

You’re, going to have to see what works. What doesn’t work, so you need to be in contact with your customer the whole time to find out what works for them. What gets them the most businesses they Google Ads performing? Well, or is they Facebook marketing performing well and it’s, not just about the numbers that you see into their website? It’s really about the orders, the conversions from numbers to orders.

So if you’re spending, ten thousand ran and they getting ten orders definitely may be a good idea to stick to that platform. But if you spending ten thousand and they get one order, it might not be such a good idea depends on what they do.

I guess, but definitely the conversion is most important. You want your plan to be happy, and the only way to get them happy is to get them more business. So, for you, conversion is most important. That’s.

The one thing you need to look at when you look at your social network marketing cheap clicks to their website is not necessarily the best thing. Maybe they need expensive clicks to go to their website, because then it’s, more targets, its audience.

That is really interested in their service, and so there’s. A few things that you need to figure out and the only way to figure it out is: do it start with a small fee for a business to market them on social media? To get that conversion right on to your portfolio, so that you can take that to your next customer and say this is the conversion right.

I got for this custom and Arava customers the same some other things do better somewhat. I ain’t going to perform worse, but what you can guarantee is that you will get them new business because you are putting their ad the business.

The idea in front of thousands of people and people will convert into sales via tutor. Tutoring is a big field that could be anything from teaching someone off to school, how to do maths better to teaching someone how to speak English.

So tutoring is a big, broad business that you really need to explore, but you will enjoy doing who your audience should be and how many people you can look after when doing it. So tutoring can be done in many many ways it can be done remotely on skype.

It can be done face to face in person which sort of makes your audience a little bit smaller, but for some people that’s, not issue. So maybe you’re, renting an apartment, and you need to choose someone to do English, better, all fitness or meditation.

Whatever your sort of skill set is, and whatever you enjoy doing, you can become a tutor for that guitar. Lessons musically since piano lessons, gymnastics, English maths, social media marketing. You can become a tutor for anything of a very wide variety of things and if it’s, an issue that is very sought-after and you only need a small audience and you only need two or three customers a day, then that’S even better, then you can do it in a very small space.

You don’t need fancy equipment. You literally are just going to share your skill. Now the only thing about being a tutor is, you want to obviously provide value at the end of the day, and some people get cheaters for different reasons.

They really want to learn a new skill, but then, at the end of the day, they really just de for the interaction with another human being that they are playing and that human being is just forced to love and enjoy them.

So you need to go see what it is that you enjoy doing and write them down right to feel down and then go look at what the market is. All that. So maybe just advertise to your friends on Facebook that I will be giving guitar lessons on Wednesday for two hours and it’s for beginners or intermediate people.

Oh it’s for advanced people and see how many respond to that. How many is interested in that and then work out a price and see how many is willing to paid for the skill that you’re about to teach thing and obviously being a tutor is very handy in the aspect of you get taught a Lot too, because everyone that comes to your chlorine, I was a little bit something about something, and that might be something that you don’t know yet, so that is very beneficial for you.

I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did please like and subscribe, and I’ll check to you in the next one – [ Music, ]

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