Number one offer food supplements by mail-order now. Listen to this. The global dietary supplements market was valued at 140 billion US dollars for 2018 and is expected to double in the next ten years and guess what following the Kovach 19 pandemic, we can expect an even greater upward trend, as consumers are now opting for immunity.

Boosting supplements more than ever before and where is a huge amount of these natural supplements and superfoods available in Africa, think Moringa baobab powder, chia seeds, fish oil, green tea, grounded, matcha and many many more now.

Both demand and awareness are trending fast, among Africans, consumers too, but not enough African entrepreneurs produce brand and smartly trade them. In short, Africa only owns a tiny market share of the global billion-dollar industry, and this is where you come in aggregate existing supplements in a warehouse in your African city and then offer mail delivery services locally.

You don’t have the money to start a warehouse, no problem. You can also partner with existing brands in Africa who offer drop shipping, which means they will mail. The supplements for you, if you find them the buyers, number to run a food transport tracking app.

I always remember one of my clients from Uganda who was the owner of a truck company owning a fleet of 10 trucks. At the time they were transporting agribusiness goods across East Africa. I will never forget how he missed many of our meetings and conversations.

Why? Because he had to constantly be on his phone coordinating and managing requests, drivers and deliveries. A few months later I visited my cousin and a friend in the US. They are both working in the road transport industry too, but here’s, the difference they access, requests from potential clients and the status of their transporters by a simple online tracking system and the company running this tracking system.

Doesn’t even need to own any transporters. It is making a lot of money by simply tracking the schedules. Transport companies pay them a monthly subscription for using the app well. It’s $ 100, a month worth getting rid of the hassle.

My Ugandan client experienced managing his fleet himself. You bet now have 100 truck companies using your regional app and you’re, making ten thousand US dollars each month with little expenses, number three rent out or lease agribusiness equipment or machinery.

This is a business model. I was made aware of by the former Minister of Agriculture of Ghana during a meeting we held in Accra and it works across Africa. You see many farmers and agribusiness manufacturers in Africa are facing tight cash flow or lending requirements, which makes it impossible for many to purchase new equipment or machinery.

This is where you come in, identify a fast, trending and attractive niche in which you provide the equipment by renting it out per hour or leasing it for a few months. It’s, a great business model for the Diaspora that can be managed from afar, with local staff, as it doesn & # 39.

T really require daily operations, invest in certain equipment or machinery, maybe even as a joint investment group, and then let the machines work for you and number four becoming an import agent for African products.

This business model is highly flexible, location, independent and all you need is your laptop look. There are thousands of producers in Africa who are already producing and exporting amazing products such as food items or natural skincare, but they have one challenge: finding buyers across the globe.

This is where you come in as an importing agent. You help them find these buyers, supermarkets, health, food shops, hotels, restaurants, beauty, spas, for example, you don’t need to ship or store any of these products yourself.

Nor do you pay for them. You simply link up the seller and the buyer, and you get a commission. It will soon become a passive income stream, because once you have, the client will simply get a commission each time they reorder, and I have more good news for you.

I’ll teach you how to become an import agent for Africa anywhere in the world. If you want to learn more, I invite you to my free web class. In fact, I have one coming up live this week, but even if you’re seeing this video late, you can always watch the replay just click my link below.

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I’ll, see you soon.

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