Soweto CPanel Hosting Company

Soweto CPanel Hosting Company

If you need CPanel hosting service in Soweto, we can help you. Call us today for more information.

Hello and welcome to our website.

We are a website building and hosting company, based in South Africa.

With over 12 years of experience in building websites for ourselves and for clients, we can safely say that we know how to build websites that bring you LEADS.

You see we know that what you are looking for is sales and buyer leads. No contest.

Plus we also know – from experience – that you do not really want to learn all there is to know about website design, search engine optimization, and hosting.

No matter what town you are from in South Africa, we will be able to show you how to get hosting, how to build your website and what to do to keep on getting quality leads all the time for your business.



FAQ – Frequently asked questions.

Getting a domain registered. What do you need to do?

  1. Presuming that you do already know what you plan to call your website then this is a simple process.
  2. We have excellent prices for ALL domain extensions, with the most popular being But you can also buy all the domain extensions from us if you choose to do so. CLICK THIS LINK TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE DOMAIN REGISTRATION PAGE –

How to get hosting set up. What are the steps to make this happen?

There are a lot of options for hosting available in South Africa, and the thing is, you NEED all of the following things to happen for your business to be hooked up to the best hosting. ONE – fast loading pages – TWO – great support (none of this evil help-desk rubbish) THREE great pricing – our Mare Package is still the same after many years. Plus, you get things like free SSL certificates and more. SEE THE BONUSES BELOW TO GET REALLY EXCITED. CLICK THIS LINK TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE HOSTING PAGE –

What to do about building your website?

See the bonuses for free training on how to do it yourself.

PLUS, we will set up a premium WordPress website (7 pages) for you if you use the links above to book your hosting. See the bonuses below for more details.

OR, you could contact us for a full website set up quotation.

Is SEO really necessary?

Haha, that is like asking if spices are necessary for cooking food.

YES, Duh! Here is the problem, SEO done properly takes hundreds of hours to do and therefore costs a lot of money if you get others (like us) to do it for you. You decide.

BUT, we offer you amazing bonuses and training on how to do all this yourself for free. See more below

Are there any bonuses that will come with my hosting or website packages?

ONE – You can get a FREE PREMIUM WORDPRESS WEBSITE built for you for free. All you need to do is use our link here on this page to get your hosting.

Naturally, there are a few strings attached. see this link for more details –

TWO – we off a LOT of really detailed free training. Use the contact us page to ask more questions, or simply get the hosting and then send us proof that you have done so and we will send you a link to that training.

The training is a minimum of 50 training videos and sometimes as many as 200 training videos.