A University of Cape Town (UCT) student leader from one of the institution’s residences has landed herself in hot water after she used the k-word in a tweet. 

The student leader – who’s account “Elysian Hedonist” has since been closed down – used the derogatory phrase in reply to humorous responses about the white dot that appeared on the corner of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s mouth during his public address on Monday 28 December. 

“The things that occupy a k****r mind,” she wrote, gaining instant condemnation from the Twitter community. 

UCT SRC to take action against student leader

The UCT Student Representative Council (SRC) have issued a response to the incident, vowing to take action against the leader. 

“The SRC has undertaken to hold the student accountable and will report them to the office for inclusivity and change . The student is part of the leadership of one of the university’s residences,” they said.

“The SRC has a duty to hold all student leaders accountable and we will approach the student governance court to ensure this.”

They said that the student showed “the highest level of anti-blackness by referring to black citizens using the derogatory k-word and later hurling insults which stereotype black people’s class, education and parenting.”

‘Biracial background does not excuse incident’

The student is understood to be from a biracial family, and asserted that her background in this regard meant that she should not be subjected to the same condemnation as others who use the derogatory phrase

“Defenders of this statement would have us believe this is not an issue because the student is biracial. However, this is a misunderstanding of the nature of the blackness in our society and specifically the gravity, depth and history of that specific word in the South African context,” said the SRC. 

“The logic of anti-blackness will always validate these nonsensical statements and use such stereotypes to paint black people as the irrational and undignified non-humans the system sees us as. How long must the black community experience such violence without impunity?”

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