The travel blogger and originator of The Sharonicles had visited 57 countries before the start of lockdown in March 2020. In order to cope with the global travel restrictions, she wrote a tongue-in-cheek blog on how to survive lockdown for the travel-obsessed. 

In the post, published by The South African as part of our #lockdownlife series in June, Waugh suggested that travellers could use the time to practise their cheesy travel poses until they could once again use them in exotic locations.

She recreated a couple of clichéd travel pictures in her Cape Town flat to demonstrate, and shared them on her Instagram. 

Waugh’s ‘staycation’ photographs go viral

As the ideas kept coming, she continued to create and share more then-and-now photos. It wasn’t long before publications such as Bored Panda, the UK’s Daily Mail and The Insider took notice.

To date Waugh’s pictures have made the news in more than 30 countries and she has even been interviewed on a television breakfast show in Germany. 

Here are a few more of our favourites:

For more check out Waugh’s Instagram.

Hilarious photographs open new doors

When asked what 2020 had taught her, Waugh said:

“As a travel blogger, I never imagined that staying in one place could take me so far.” 

Waugh also started her Instagram account to build a platform so that literary agents would take her more seriously.

With all the international attention she has generated, she is now in negotiations with a notable South African publishing company to publish her comedy travel memoir. (We’re going to assume her book documents her adventures before lockdown.) Protection Status